Product Information

Dr Piero’s Periodontal Solution is a mouth rinse used in combination with periodontal treatment to control periodontal disease. It controls bacteria that are present with periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums and tissue around the tooth. The body’s immune system fights the infection and creates enzymes that actually break down the connective tissue around the tooth. Pockets are formed as the gums loosen their grip on the teeth and recede from the tooth and bone. Teeth become loose and eventually need to be removed.

Poor oral hygiene, smoking, some illnesses, some medications and/or a genetic predisposition are all causes of periodontal disease. Along with professional dental office treatment, Dr Piero’s Periodontal Solution assists in the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.

Dr Piero’s Periodontal Solution is Chlorine Dioxide, which controls the bacteria which causes periodontal disease and produces the odors. It penetrates the bio-film and prevents bio-film from being produced.

Dr. Piero’s Perio Solution

• Controls bacteria
• Controls pocket depths in combination with perio treatment
• Non-alcoholic
• Reduces gum bleeding
• Speeds wound healing
• Treats halitosis and bad breath
• Eliminates bad tastes
• Non-toxic
• Reduces gingivitis
• Environmentally friendly
• Whitens teeth
• Prevents accumulations of stains
• Controls fungus
• Effective on minor mouth sores

Dr.Piero's Blog
April 9th,2014

ClO2 Works On Skin Contaminants

Similar to topical anti-microbial substances, ClO2 can be used on the skin. Unlike some materials, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide will not scar the skin by burning the area. Consequently, you can apply ClO2 to scratches, burns, lesions and scrapes to minimize contamination and eliminate bacteria, yeast, fungus or virus, helping the wound to heal faster.

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March 10th,2014

Oral Sores, Gum Problems, Sore Throats - ClO2 to the Rescue

ClO2 has other health benefits other than just being a very effective mouth wash and bad breath solution. It can be equally effective in treating oral sores and sore throats. If you suffer from a sore throat, use a solution of ClO2 as a gargle. This procedure kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth and down the throat that are responsible for the infection in your throat. It can be used as many times per day without any harmful side effects.

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January 29th,2014

A Solution for Halitosis or simply Bad Breath

The cause of halitosis or bad breath could be anything from consumed food, various diseases, certain medications, poor oral hygiene or periodontal disease. As you might suspect, as a dentist, I am exposed to many people with bad breath. Their question is always, “what can I do?”

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